am many but one . being one is being many or being many is being one . another useless attempt to see the difference . am I only a reflection of I but even that reflection is a reflection of another . try to follow it but it just follows . what I do and become is only but a frozen moment of those its at its becoming . even that becoming is but a reflection . containment is perhaps what I seek but what 'I' can contain I ? perhaps order and hierarchy are in order not that it will give order but I can at least start counting how many times I into I into I will become I .

- friih the mind

 a010.jpg a001.jpg a002.jpg a003.jpg a004.jpg a005.jpg a006.jpg a007.jpg a008.jpg a009.jpg

video projection vinyl on metal wire metal sheet



eyes roll from corner to corner . can? quite remember what I saw before but in looking back already forget what just saw . I wait it . It waits me ? rather wish it didn? cause then we will never find each other . got to make things simpler . if it move I wait . if I move it wait . but how do I know if it wait ? then I have to wait then move then wait then move . cause it might just be waiting or just be moving . thought I saw these slits somewhere else . what I saw then what I think now . but then again now and then are useless trying to distinguish .

- friih life



크기변환_b010.jpg 크기변환_b001.jpg 크기변환_b002.jpg 크기변환_b003.jpg 크기변환_b004.jpg 크기변환_b005.jpg 크기변환_b006.jpg 크기변환_b007.jpg 크기변환_b008.jpg 크기변환_b009.jpg  


video projection on steel still photo in light-box


크기변환_b026.jpg 크기변환_b011.JPG 크기변환_b012.JPG 크기변환_b013.JPG 크기변환_b014.JPG 크기변환_b015.JPG 크기변환_b016.JPG 크기변환_b017.JPG 크기변환_b018.JPG 크기변환_b019.JPG 크기변환_b020.JPG 크기변환_b021.JPG 크기변환_b022.JPG 크기변환_b023.JPG 크기변환_b024.jpg 크기변환_b025.jpg


there are people everywhere all around . seems that they are going places . are they really going places . walk look circle then back . can I really come back to where I was if then is it still I . am lost with nowhere to go or are there too many places thus becoming none . there I go . there they go . look for a crack to slip into . but the crack doesn? seem to find . see places to slip through slits all around . they seem to find it fine . get close but can? get through . can see but can? move . there I go again . there they go again . even if stood still probably can? stay in the same place anyway . is that why they are going ?

- friih the world

c010.jpg c001.jpg c002.jpg c003.jpg c004.jpg c005.jpg c006.jpg c007.jpg c008.jpg c009.jpg

video projection fabric wrapped on metal






In these three installations, architect bae jungwan explores ways to think, feel, and move beyond the rigidity of the built form through the pliable, impermanent, and non-linear experience of memory. Architecture has long taken for granted the centrality of the fixed form and linear movement through space. The structure of memory, however, is unstable, biased, at times overlapping and even unreliable. Although memories can acquire the permanence of testimony on the one hand or, the fluidity of a fleeting remembrance, on the other, they are always being reconstituted in relation to the constantly changing world of sensations, thoughts and events around us. These installations explore how various architectural elements and materials affect and are affected by the visual, aural and temporal mechanisms of memory. They draw attention to the movement within and our interaction with the structures that surround us.


Each installation experiments with a different environment created by the interplay of industrial materials and still and moving images and sounds. The transparent, translucent, and reflective properties of plastic, fabric and steel are put in motion by the images and sounds that envelop them while the movement of the images appear enhanced as they are mediated by these materials and structures.


These installations take up a theme central to yet not visibly apparent in architecture in an experimental fashion while facilitating consciousness of the structures and elements we encounter in our everyday lives.


3가지의 설치 작업을 통하여 건축가 배정완은 유동적이며 영속되지 않고 비선형적인 ‘기억’이라는 매체를 통해 고정된 형상을 넘어서 생각하고 느끼고 움직일 수 있는 방법을 찾고자 한다. 


건축은 고정되고 공간을 통한 선형적 움직임이라고 인식되어왔다.  반면에 기억이라는 것은 불안정, 편견, 겹침 등으로 형상이 존재하지 않는다.  비록 기억이란 영구적인 증거로 남기는 하지만 반면에 기억이란 자신의 의식과 주변의 환경에 따라 계속해서 재조합되기도 한다. 이 설치작업들은 건축요소와 재료들이 얼마나 다양하게 시각, 청각, 또는 시간적으로 기억이란 형상이 의식적인 움직임 그리고 주위의 환경적 요인과 상호 작용을 할 수 있는 지 실험하는데 주목하고자 한다.


각각의 설치작업은 공업 재료와 사진, 영상, 소리와 같이 각각 다른 주위환경의 상호작용을 통해 새로운 공간을 만들고자 한다.  투명하거나 반투명하거나 또는 반사되는 플라스틱, 천, 그리고 철의 특성이 영상과 소리를 통해 움직임을 갖게 된다. 그리고 이미지의 움직임은 이러한 재료를 통해 유동성이 한층 더 강조된다.


이 설치작업은 건축 작업 중 겉으로 들어나지 않는 부분을 실험적인 방법으로 가시화 시키는 동시에 일상에서 보여 지는 요소들을 의식하게 한다.