beginning of autumn sun rises little after 7 in buam-dong

there is a hill on the east side

it takes 30 minutes after it gets light to see the actual sun

towards the winter the sun spends more time on the other side of the earth

I will know for sure when the shadows get longer

would I remember this shadow when the shadow gets longer?


0 days of rain

still haven’t see any shadows

just because I can’t see them

doesn’t mean they are not there

maybe there are 5 suns

on the other side of the earth

different shadow for each sun

or maybe just one sun with 5 shadows

yellow shadow fades and blue shadow steps in another look

yellow is gone and only the blue remain


There are two moons on the other side of the earth

As time projected onto the physical spaces goes by, the present becomes the past and the past is reorganized into the current situation that will be remembered and connected to the future. The artist embodies the symbols

of interaction and arranges the organically on the exterior space of “Site Whanki” along the journey of time. 


been waiting a while to see the darkness

fell asleep and woke up to find the darkness already gone

‘there is only half a moon here’ say to myself as I fall asleep again